Christ Is Risen

Dear Yuri,

I’m getting to know my street
that sign, for example, tilted at a sympathetic angle
and the way the parked cars
strain towards the passing truck then settle back disappointed
and the sign proclaiming Christ Is Risen
drawn by a child or a mad adult
stuck to the window facing out at no.67
specifically so that I and Nina see
because we have a lot of houseplants
and sex.
I just now, for example
got to know the man whose hat
is very low, who stops to smell the hedges
or anyway the flowers in them
pushing his head forward with his body held back
his fingers flexing by his sides
then withdrawing and continuing his weird walk on
to the far boundaries
where we no longer go.
Dyno Plumbing
Newman Construction
Resident Permit Parking
The grey pebbled house that’s a perch for a bird
and all these curtained eggs
that are
so straining with their lifes inside
I know that seven weeks from now
We’ll burst.

Dizraeli, London, England

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