Did You Know?

Dear Yuri,

Did you know … that we had such clear, blue skies? I had just finished vacuuming the balcony, when desperate for a breath, I peered out through the iron-bars. There it was. Infinitely blue. A sudden stranger. I don’t think I had noticed the sky before. It was as if someone who’s a part of my daily scene, anonymous and blurred into the background had all of a sudden come into focus. I could swear looking at Her felt like being greeted by a stranger’s warm smile.

Yuri, did you know that someone in the neighbouring building plays The Departure on speakers 24/7? I thought I was the only one. Her name’s Mina. Nice girl. We are majoring in the same subject.

Yuri, did you also know that my 60 -year-old father who spends his days convincing stakeholders that a village deserves another water-purifier enjoys K-Dramas? He didn’t either. I gave him my Netflix password a week ago. He finished “Crash Landing Into You” in three days. He has hopped onto another series since then.

Yuri, I never did like tea. But two pints of lemon juice did the trick. I had finished off my stock of coffee. Desperate and with all the time in the world, I tried to find an alternative. I spent the rest of the day cursing at myself for blowing so much money over the years, on coffee and milk.

Occasionally, the dread sets in: I am amidst a pandemic. A year from my life is gone.

But Yuri, the biggest dread set in when I wonder what kind of a life have I been living that it’s sudden, screeching halt feels like a bigger blessing?

Raisa, Dhaka, Bangladesh