Eye Opener

Dear Yuri,

This isolation period is an eye opener for many reasons, it brings us closer together but also sets us apart in more ways than just distance. Our morals, patience and how we allow this to change us as individuals. It has opened my eyes to how selfish us as humans can be, how ignorant we are to rules, how we take so much for granted, as simple as the air we breathe. Now being outside is a mood booster, I hear the birds so much more as the world is a lot quieter. Feeding the ducks has become a hobby and an escape. Appreciating nature for all that it is and feeling thankful that the planet has had chance to heal. But some days are hard, the lack of motivation, the strain on relationships for how they should or shouldn’t be and the fact we are in the unknown. The light at the end of the tunnel is very thin and the future looks uncertain but its allowed me to see where I am in my life is not where I want to be and things need to change. If it has opened my eyes to anything in particular it is that time is precious and although the world is at a standstill, time is not.

Holly, Derby, England

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