Lockdown 2.0

Dear Yuri,

Conversation is not the same, a voice without a face. The only message I’m receiving is one from track and trace.

Isolation, alone with my head, no one to hug or hold me or put me to bed.

Repetition, the same day after day, what if the new norm is living life in grey? Trying to express how this life is not one I can maintain, this social pain.

Laughter will cure it all, but the noise is fading out. Got me sat here wondering what life is all about.

Lockdown 2.0, the sequel is always worse, self care or self deprecating time, was it a blessing or a curse?

Our greatest treasure time, stolen before our eyes, every page of every paper filled with fake news and lies.

But we didn’t lose this time, we watched it, we drank and zoomed and grew, the future looks bright ahead and a party is overdue.

Take this time to know yourself and the person who lies within,
But don’t be afraid your life will end, be afraid it will never begin.


Rosie, Derry, Northern Ireland