My Window Now

Dear Yuri

This is my window now. As we’ve gone through the first uncertain months of not knowing how far apart we could get and for how long, I now start to see the world on the other side getting filled with more and more small dots of human life. With cars back on the streets. The cafes that made it through by filling the empty space on take away lattes begin to open up and invite people in. A few at a time. Kids are back to school with enough sanitiser and space between them to make their parents feel fairly comfortable about being released from family obligations and going back to work. Everything will go back. We can’t afford not to. And it’s okay to go back now. To make money. It’s okay to meet people. I can see that from my window. So I’ll go back out into the world. But the transparent surface that showed me the world falling apart will follow me everywhere. Not knowing when or if the glass will ever break.

Mads, Copenhagen, Denmark