Nature N People

Dear Yuri,

Our lives is just like a sea or an ocean. We keep going, like how the water keeps on flowing. How the waves keep on touching the shore. We are beautiful like the sea. Sea has a lot of beautiful and incredible creatures underneath. Like us. We have a lot of things that we can do to our lives. Every person in this world is born with talents. It is given Gift from above. We just need to discover it. Nurture it. And like the sea creatures. Talents are the things that make us beautiful like the ocean.

But on the other side. This things happens. In the sea, people keep on throwing stones on it. Sometimes garbage. That makes the sea ugly. Makes the shore dirty and smelly. While in us “people”. Some people around us, says negative things on us. Criticism, things or words that will do hurt us emotionally, sometimes physically. ” Bullying “. Which greatly affects us. Then as time goes by. Some became like a dormant volcano. Which we let those negativity contains us, stock in our minds. And time comes. We tends to breakdown.

Oceans develop depression as well. And in time. It forms to become a typhoon. Which affects us ” people”.

On us people. If we have breakdowns. We need it to let go. Crying is one of those things, that is greatly needed. To lessen the pain. Because its one of the natural way to release it. Like how we experience the typhoon. It has a lot of rain and thunder. Because that’s the natural way of nature, to lessen their negativity. Then as time fly’s by. We get back to normal. But we are more stronger, than before.

We should never forget, that challenges we’ve faced. It reminds us to be more STRONGER AND TOUGHER. We just need to cope in it.

“Nature and People are greatly connected”.

Mia, Meycauayan, Philippines

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