Outdoor Stage

Dear Yuri,

A gust of wind, it whistles through my tilted window – a calming sound.

The curtain is opened.

I am excited to witness this outdoor stage  – act one, scene one.

There is a wonderful tree in my sight. Its leaves don’t leave – they simply dance to the rhythm of the breeze. I can see some adorable creatures – a chorus of birds sets the scene. What a pleasant start. I can smell this fruity air, nature blossoms – I feel refreshed.

A thud – act one, scene two.

It is drizzling – chills. The melody has stopped – I am overthinking. It is now raining heavily – I feel melancholic –

Act two, scene one. I am still staring out the window – covered with raindrops. Blurred vision – my face covered with teardrops.

Act two, scene two. The shower is over – a shaft of sunlight.  I am intrigued – I crane my neck. But no more living creatures. A very quiet atmosphere. I am savouring the silence –

Act two, scene three. The sunlight – I notice this colourful nature. I smile. I close the curtain.


Life seems a play at the moment.
Take part, see the wonders of this strange reality.
Seize the present.
The sun will shine and dry the teardrops on your face.
Feel your emotions.
Together apart we will get back up on that outdoor stage.


Laetitia, London, England

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