The Smallest Light Shines Bright

Dear Yuri,

I look to the night sky and reminisce about the joyful days of yesterday.

For now, it seems the fog is our only companion, and the light that drifted to sleep has faded away. The star light has forgotten us, leaving us in woeful solitude. Our hearts ache, we are away from the ones we love, a phone call does not substitute a hug. The starlight burns in the name of Friends and Family, but we cannot feel its warmth. We now spend our days behind a door.

However, though it seems so distant, even in the darkest place the smallest light shines bright. We mustn’t let lockdown prevent us from smiling, we must come together in these hard times. Even when we are far we can still be close. The blissful days of tomorrow seem so distant, but the rain does not last forever. In the meantime we will clap for our workers, sing in the streets, and give aid to one another.

We will soon kick down the door, dance in the sunlight, and regain our days of contentment.

Ben, Doncaster, England

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