This Too Shall Pass

Dear Yuri,

Everyday seems like the last until there’s a slight shift of routine. Everyday I wake with the sun and wish that this was all just a terrible dream. Reality sets in very quickly and I find myself needing to be productive in order to stay sane. The first month I was blessed with a low risk frontline job screening COVID19 patients at a walk-in clinic and my heart was so full. That ended and I needed to keep moving. Since Day 1 of lockdown I have exercised, eaten a very well-balanced diet, and have been outside to some degree enjoying nature and the sun. Everyday I feel accomplished after my workout, shower, and home-cooked dinner. However, when my body stops for the evening thoughts of loneliness come rushing in. I am a single woman without a hand to hold or someone to hug. My heart begins to ache- some days more than others and some days not at all. I celebrate those who have a companion, a friend, a love. Some nights I sleep peacefully while others I find myself wrapped up in streaming tv show, movie, or my thoughts. Finding hope In my daily journey is what allows me to sleep at night and then to wake up with sun only to do it all over again.

Kori, Orlando, USA

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